Visiting Scholars

CEJE Visiting International Scholars


Itxaso Tellado  (fall 2010)

ItxasoItxaso is Associate Professor, University of Vic, Department of Pedagogy, Catalonia, Spain. She serves as adviser for schools of the central Catalonia area on Learning Communities and is a member of the University Research Group. The “Learning Communities” is a community participation education project grounded in popular knowledge. Through the project, schools and communities participate and organize themselves to support interactive parent groups, after-school programs, literary circles, and student learning.

As a CEJE Visiting Scholar, Itxaso met with UIC researchers and Chicago teachers and community members and shared her research on Learning Communities in Catalonia.  Itxaso participated in graduate student seminars and graduate students in Educational Policy Studies had numerous opportunities to learn about Itxaso’s research on Learning Communities and the Critical Communicative Methodology of dialogue between university researchers and members of marginalized communities to deepen understanding of social problems, construct solutions, and agitate for change.

Jorge Inzunza (2011)

JorgeJorge Inzunza is a PhD candidate in Education with the Faculty of Education, University of Campinas (Brazil). Since 2007, he has been a Professor of Educational Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Chile. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Sciences in Psychology from the University of Chile, and a Master’s of Sciences in Human and Social Sciences from the University of Paris 10 – Nanterre (France). Jorge’s research focuses on educational policies, globalization, governance and policymaking, the history of education, and Latin American educational reforms. He is author of “La construcción del derecho a la educación y la institucionalidad educativa en Chile” – The Building of the Right to Education and the Educational Institutions in Chile (OPECH, 2009), and other articles related to neoliberalism and education. He also worked as editor of Docencia Review of the Teacher’s Union of Chile (2007-2010). Currently he is part of the Campaign “Alto al SIMCE,” against the high test standards in Chile.

As a CEJE visiting scholar, Jorge presented his research on the global restructuring of education in Latin America and education social movements in Chile. He participated in graduate student seminars and investigated education issues and social movements in Chicago

Tania de la Croix (fall 2013)

TaniaTania is a youth worker, activist, and PhD candidate at King’s College, London.  Tania’s research explores how grassroots youth workers in England experience their role in the context of significant changes in policy that position youth workers as part of the state surveillance apparatus. Her research is based on collaborative individual and group  policy analysis. Tania also draws on her experience of youth work and ongoing involvement in community activist groups including the Federation for Detached Youth Work, In Defense of Youth Work and Voice of Youth.

During her residence as a CEJE Visiting Scholar, Tania participated in academic and community events and met with community groups and youth organizing for education justice. She also contributed to classes in the Politics of Urban Education and Political Economy of Urban Education and developed relationships with other graduate students in the Department of Educational Policy studies. Tania shared her research (based on her experience as a street youth worker in London and on interviews with youth workers from across the UK) in a presentation to students and faculty in the College of Education titled, “Working with young people: Whose side are we on?”